Lobo Marino | photo courtesy of the artist

This months Philly Tapes Philly collaboration brings us a special edition featuring Richmond, VA’s Lobo Marino and Philly’s Langor.  In the past, the installments were recorded to tape at the Gun Shop, home to PTP founders Commonwealth Choir.  This time around the group takes things down the street and west a few blocks to Ortlieb’s, where the tape will be recorded in front of a live audience during the free release show.

The Philly connection to Lobo Marino comes via Vita and the Woolf, who introduced the Virginia two-piece to PTP.  The introduction came right on time as it turned out – Philly Tapes Philly’s Nick Cislak explains that they wanted to do something special for the projects 6th month anniversary.

“We have been interested all along in eventually branching out and including some out of town bands at some point.  We thought the perfect solution was to do something different and bring the recording out of the studio and into the venue, the night of the show.”

Lobo Marino will be joined by local psych-pop outfit Langor.

“We reached out to Brian Langan (Langor) because we are fans and we know that they only play a few shows a year, so it seemed perfect for this special occasion. We are really excited to do this show and tape with a new slant on it.”

Fans of the project will know that the cassettes are usually distributed to the first 50 people through the door at the free release show.  This time, the early birds will be given a voucher for the tape that can be redeemed at September’s event.

The recording and release show will take place at Ortlieb’s on Thursday, August 21st.  More information can be found on the Facebook event page here.  Check out the two bands below.