Alex G | photo by Rachel Del Sordo |

On Sunday night, lo-fi fans and Philly basement enthusiasts rallied together as hometown hero Alex G put on a sold out show at the Fire. The concert marked the end of their month long tour with Orchid Tapes labelmates Elvis Depressedly as well as the release of Alex G’s latest album, obscurely dubbed DSU. The album has been garnishing the 21-year-old tons of attention for many reasons, most notably because it was made without ever setting foot into a studio.

Since 2010, singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Alex Giannascoli has released six full length albums recorded by himself on his laptop. The success of DSU has bought a wild amount of media attention to Giannascoli, most notably a full-page spread in this month’s issue of Rolling Stone magazine. Not too bad for someone who got his start through the Haverford music scene and playing Philly basement shows. DSU was only releases two month ago, yet fans know the songs  like they have been listening for years.

Giannascoli opened with his latest single “Harvey,” an obvious fan favorite. The set featured many tracks from the new album along with fan favorites like “Forever”, “Animal” and “Rules”. Live, Alex G is much heavier then recording, trading fuzzy distortion for loud drums, guitar riffs and heavy bass lines. It is no question Alex G can put on a great show – this is something fans of the Philly DIY scene have know for years – now it’s time for the rest of the world to catch on.

The show also featured Elvis Depressedly. Hailing from Columbia, South Carolina, Elvis Depressedly shares a similar breezy bedroom-pop sound as Alex G. Mixing catchy riffs, fuzzy synth and heartfelt lyrics Elvis Depressedly proved to be a band to watch for anymore who likes Alex G’s sound. The show also featured Philly house show staples Cold Foamers and Snoozer. Both bands put on loud, hard rocking performances that really got the show started at The Fire.

Check out the photo recap below and listen to Alex G’s new album DSU here