Selwyn Birchwood at WXPN’s Free at Noon Concert. 8/22/14 | Photo credit: Rich McKie

Florida blues man Selwyn Birchwood and his crew are in the midst of the tour for their album Don’t Call No Ambulance, released in June on Alligator Records. Birchwood and the band held nothing back in their Free At Noon show this afternoon; after playing the Sellersville Theater last night, the musicians’ fresh energy during this performance brought to life the deep blues sound that saturates the album. This was perhaps best evident in an awesome solo by saxophone player Regi Oliver’s during “Love Me Again.” You can listen back with our audio link and check out photos from today’s show in the gallery below.

[xpnplayer action=”audio” category=”Free At Noon” artist=”Selwyn Birchwood 8.22.14 ” date=”2014″ button=”yes”][/xpnplayer]

FL Shuffle
The River Turned Red
Love Me Again
Don’t Call No Ambulance
Queen of Hearts
Hoodoo Stew
Tell Me Why