Restorations at Miner Street | Photo by Mitchell Wojcik |

Philly’s Restorations has been hard at work in the studio on their upcoming third full-length album, LP3, and we got our first taste of the new music this week when NPR debuted their music video for the brand new hard-hitting anthem “Separate Songs.” The video follows an unhappy man as he goes about his supposedly-perfect life while band members rock out around him in his pristine home. Frontman Jon Loudon told NPR:

“Separate Songs” is one of our favorite compositions off LP3. We got to do all the things we like in here: heinous feedback, giant chorus, too many guitar solos, etc. The song is about throwing your computer out the window.

Late last month, The Key followed Restorations from the recording studio to their first sold-out show, learning what goes into recording LP3, perhaps their most important album of their musical career. Keep an eye out for more on LP3 as its release this fall approaches, check out the cool music video teaser here and watch the “Seperate Songs” video below, as well as their music video for “D” off their LP2 album.