Needle Points from the “Biting at the Rose” video

Those local explorers of cosmic space and sound Needle Points have stepped up their visual game on the new music video for “Biting at the Rose.” The track from last year’s Bom Tugangu gets an expressive psychedelic treatment care of No One Is Watching The Children Visionary Clinic (O.G. Fishtownies will get that reference); there’s so much mirror imagery doubled upon itself, bending and distorting the band and their reality, that it’s definitely no accident that a Rorschach ink blot appears on the screen in the final act. The effects transform what is essentially a performance video shot onstage at Johnny Brenda’s Berks Warehouse into new things altogether.

Needle Points is gearing up for the October 7th release of their Cripple Street 7″ on Paper Cup Music, which they’re celebrating at Kung Fu Necktie on October 17th with The Golden Grass and The Orange Drop; get tickets and information on the show here, and check out the video below, alongside the band’s recent Key Studio Sessions performance of the song.

“Biting at the Rose” – Needle Points from NOBODYISWATCHINGTHECHILDREN on Vimeo.