Download Kate Faust's airy new song "Dream Yourself To Me"
Kate Faust / photo by Emily Paige Townsend

Electro-pop singer Kate Faust released a new collaborative single recently with leBeet. The track, “Dream Yourself To Me”, is a synth-filled groove that will have your head bobbing and toes tapping. Faust’s soft, airy vocals pair perfectly with the song’s backing electronic beats, giving it a dreamlike quality.

She shared with us a bit about their inspiration for the song and how it came to be:

“Dream Yourself to Me” is a collaboration between myself and dear friend & bandmate, Lee Clarke…a.k.a leBeet!
The song began when we were spending a weekend at his house, our rehearsal space, in Northern PA that we call “the mansion.”
We were exploring different sounds, talking about life and the search for love within the self and the search for love from others.
The lyrics took shape instantaneously, the same way that a pure “singular” vision of connection and love appears in our minds once we are willing to see it.
This song is an invitation…please listen, dance, sing along, and celebrate your own visions & dreams!

Get a taste of what these cats are putting out by downloading the new track below!

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