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When an artist describes his new single as a mix of T. Rex, Big Star, Heart, and David Gilmorem, it provokes quite a bit of head scratching. How…why? However, a few seconds into Philly four-piece Josh Olmstead Band‘s new single “Fun Again,” and you can tell they took the oddest assortment of inspirations and turned them into a catchy power-pop anthem. Olmstead said this track’s ever-changing chords make it unlike any other he has recorded, and it’s a lot more glam than his usual style.

You can hear “Fun Again” live this week when his bandmates Sean Gallagher, Avi Glickman and Stephen Horne join Olmstead at MilkBoy on Thursday, September 25th (opening for Lydia Loveless) and then on October 8th at Kung Fu Necktie to celebrate the release of the single. For tickets and more information head over to the XPN Concert Calender. “Fun Again” will be available for download on iTunes beginning October 7th, but until then, take a listen to the Soundcloud stream below.