Meet a rapper from the 609 who makes it look so B-Eazyyy
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It’s hard to stay cool, calm, and collected when dealing with a tough situation. It’s even more rare to come across people who can do that and make it look easy. Trenton MC B-Eazyyy is doing a good job with showing his city and his listeners how to never sweat under pressure with his latest single, Ezekiel. Whether he’s rapping about women, social issues, or his own personal demons, he always sounds like one of the smoothest dudes you’ll ever come across.

LIstening to this project makes you think about three rappers in particular may have been influential for B-Eazyyy. Throughout the whole mixtape, he gives you a Wiz Khalifa type sound, a laid-back feeling like you’re sitting back and vibing with him. Songs like “Blue,” “Tonight,” and “The Rhythm” show that he’s an offspring of L.L. Cool J, basically a smooth ladies man. But then there are songs like “Storytales,” “Black Ties,” and “Sober Thoughts,” where it sounds like he may be the son Andre 3000, calmly conversing with his listeners about his troubles.

But even with all of those influences, Eazyyy still manages to give you originality by remain himself from track one through ten. Check out the video for “Moscato” below and download Ezekielhere, via

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