Cee Jae Photo via soundcloud.com/cee-jae

There’s nothing like hearing a good R&B song, especially since it seems like R&B is dying. Why it’s dying is a conversation for another time; what needs to be discussed are the artists who make great efforts to revive the genre, including Lansdowne native Cee Jae. He’s not a singer who is making valiant efforts to bring back the great feeling that R&B used to give listeners, he’s got a great voice, and serious songwriting abilities.
Cee Jae writes music you could hear on the radio, a problem that most artist of all genres struggle with. His single “Endless Rain” is about being heartbroken but he makes you want to sing along to. Check it out below; whether he becomes a star or stays behind the scenes working as a songwriter, Cee Jae is a name you’ll want to know.