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Here’s the scene: it’s a darkened alley way at night. A gravelly-voiced loan shark (think Don Corleone except, you know, called Tone Balone) and a customer discuss a sum of money that is owed. Then, out of the blue someone simply asks “You heard that new Shark Tape?” and an entrancing muffled guitar rip kicks in. The upbeat and fast paced “Broncos,” the song this black and white scene is actually a video for, has more than a hint of pop in it, particularly around the chorus as the band repeatedly screeches “Don’t belong in this town.” Meanwhile, the black and white video depicts a cat and mouse chase between the initial characters and the racing pace compliments the quick paced music perfectly. “Broncos” is a track off of Shark Tape’s upcoming EP Marathon, set to release November 18th. Below, watch the music video for “Broncos” and get information on the band’s November 22 album release party at MilkBoy at the XPN Concert Calendar.