Sugar Tongue Slim

S.T.S. is addressing his fans as well as himself on his brand new track, “Hold On To Faith,” featuring singer Ebony Joi. On the first verse it seems like he’s talking to listeners and loved ones who have rocked with him for so many years, thanking them for their support throughout the struggles of his career and asking them to remain faithful to him as he continues his journey. The second verse sounds as if he’s talking to himself, using his rhymes to remind him of how far he’s come and to have faith that being a rapper is his calling. Some may look at his verses as him being another cocky rapper, but deep down these are therapeutic lyrics for a performer on the cusp, who wants to remain faithful to his career now matter what trials and tribulations he will face. It also doesn’t hurt to have Ebony Joi’s lovely voice on the track to give it a soulful and somewhat gospel feel to it. Hearing this song can make a person regain confidence not only in S.T.S. but also in themselves. Great job Sugar Tongue Slim, and always keep your faith up! Check out the single “Hold On To Faith” below.