Brielle | Photo via

West Philly’s Brielle is many things. She’s a singer, songwriter, producer/engineer, and a flautist. But what’s amazing is how she uses each of these skills to make music that captivates not only a listener’s ears but also their soul. A perfect example would be her song “144,000 (1).” There are so many things on this song that grasp your attention, like the way her voice sounds so soothing that it makes you want to let go of every piece of stress that you have been carrying around. Her talent as a writer also helps, especially the picture she paints on lines like “Children taught not to play with fire / how can you blame them for seeking their desire?” It intrigues the listener, making them want to hear more of what Brielle has to say. The production gives you the same feeling as Brielle’s voice, which is pretty impressive too. The beat is the spa, her voice is the masseuse. As relaxing as her music and aura is, it’s no wonder why she chooses to incorporate the flute in some of her music. If you’re a fan of Sade & Kem then you’ll love Brielle. Like these legendary singers, she does an amazing job of calming a listener’s mind and soothing their soul with her music. Check out “144, 000(1)” below.