The Bul Bey | via

He caught our ear with the carefree, catchy anthem “Where I’m From”, but on his latest outing, The Bul Bey takes us to the club. Yesterday the Philadelphia-based rapper dropped his new single, “On,” as well as instrumental and remix versions, care of the good folks at Illvibe Collective.

Opening with almost jungle-esque kick patterns and samples, the just-minimal-enough background provides a bouncing groove that allows you to focus on the vocals while still getting a holistic feel from the track. As for the vocals themselves, The Bul Bey enters with a laidback, almost lazy assurance that it is, in fact, on.  slurring “if you want to party throw with us.” As soon as he goes in, however, he unleashes a crisp, unrelenting flow that carries without rest throughout the verse.

The release includes two remixes. The first, by DJ Skipmode, is a high-energy hip-hop track seemingly designed to fit into the climax of a hip-hop DJ’s set. The second, by UGLYBASS, is an electro twerk track that offers a solid hybrid between street-dub sub-bass and big room synths, resulting in an electronic building-shaking party banger.

The single and its remixes are available for sale on The Bul Bey’s Band Camp: