QQQ release new music video for "The Ebullient"
From “The Ebullient” by QQQ

Philly-based electronic music duo QQQ have released a new video for their single “The Ebullient.” The trippy video is just over three minutes long and features some insane visuals. Right off the bat, the color scheme alone lets you know that you’re in for something more than the typical modern electronic music video consisting of composite shots of the same DJ at all of the different festivals they played that year.

Instead, the music in the first half of the video is played straight with no cutting or scratching, accompanied simply by a man in a squirrel mask constantly warping and shifting against a static background in a manner that reflects whatever the music is doing at the time. Then, just about halfway through, the track breaks down and starts to sample cut and skip, immediately reflected in the squirrel-man’s movement of twisting back and forth along with the sampling cuts.

The synchronization between the visual editing and the music gives a similar visual vibe to those received from a really good light-glover; everything begins to feel systematic and very purposeful. The video manages to take the already eerie music and create a visual representation that both comforts the viewer in its apparently systematic approach while also making the listener feel excitingly unnerved at the notion of impending chaos that may or may not actually manifest itself.  Check it out below.

QQQ – The Ebullient from Joseph B. Carlin on Vimeo.

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