Photo by Abi Reimold |

Khari Mateen is a very talented man. We’re big fans of the Philly songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist here at The Key, and if you haven’t been following his career these past several years, let’s bring you up to speed. He has made a name for himself by collaborating with acts such as The Roots, Dice Raw, Sugar Tongue Slim, Joy Denalane, Jill Scott, Tye Tribbett, James Poyser, and J*Dave. He’s established himself as a solo artist on releases like the Qulaia: Fall EP, and a sweet cover of George Gershwin’s “Summertime.” And it seems like he’s ready to show off his talents again on his brand new song, “Best Time Ever.” The sound and lyrics illustrates the events that occurred over the musician’s summer, and listening makes you feel young, wild, and free, as if you’re intoxicated at a music festival, enjoying the Mateen’s music. That’s not an accident: the chorus goes “This time was the best time, that we ever had, that we ever had, on drugs.” Khari Mateen definitely has a hit single in his hands, and with beats like this, its clear he knows to keep a party alive (though he does end the track by saying “kids, don’t do drugs” in an exhausted whisper). Check out the song below.