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Local indie rock outfit Church Girls have released a new single called “Young Planes,” following up a pair of tracks that were released last month.  The five-piece is lead by primary songwriters Mariel Beaumont and Evan Anders with a mostly rotating cast of complimentary musicians that has included Marc Neibauer, drawing on acoustic folk rock sensibilities for their introspective songs.

“Young Planes” is the darkest of the band’s four releases to date, opening with a smoky bass, sparse guitar and Beaumont talk-singing before building into the chorus.  Lyrically, the song deals with getting older and the adjustments that need to made in order to remain comfortable.  On the backside is an acoustic cover of Bob Dylan’s “I Was Young When I Left Home,” featuring Beaumont solo.  Listen to both songs below and catch Church Girls live when they play at HeadHouse Cafe on October 17th.