You’ve got to be kidding me. The Districts‘ van was broken into…again…in the same city as last time. The above Instagram (which, yeah, kinda looks like the cover of LCD Soundsystem’s Sound of Silver) is what they found earlier today – a lock cut off from their door. Strand of Oaks also had their van broke in to in St. Louis this year, as did Mineral. Read what The Districts had to say about it after the jump.

Dear St. Louis,

First off, we truly love your city and people and a big thank you for such a wonderful crowd last night. You are one of the most supportive cities we’ve had the pleasure of playing. Unfortunately, yet again our van was broken into, with personal belongings stolen. Our gear was in the venue so it was safe, but nonetheless this needs to be addressed and more importantly stopped. As we said you are some of the most supportive fans and in these circumstances the great people we have met have given us the most selfless help. We really hope to be able to continue playing to you, but your city has become notorious among bands as a place where shit gets jacked. After our van was stolen this summer out of a gated lot, within the following weeks it seemed unavoidable hearing about the number of similar incidents bands suffered from. We want nothing more than to keep coming here, but the risks posed to our gear is something no touring independent band can afford. This needs awareness and attention. It’s not fair to you if bands begin to drive past your city on tours for the sake of their safety, but this will happen soon, we are sure, of it if something doesn’t change. St. Louis has had plenty of attention with the issues it faces, and we understand that poverty, crime and police brutality are broad, complex problems that are difficult to overcome. Your people must say something, stand up for this change in order for St. Louis to be a place that is loved, not feared.

With love,

The Districts