Binge "watch" the new Jacqueline Constance Show
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Jacqueline Constance‘s work is simply amazing. It’s very rare to hear a project from an artist, whether it’s an EP, mixtape, or album, that you can play through the whole thing and stay engaged. From the beginning to the end, The Jacqueline Constance Show – released this spring – is an impressive piece of work from one of our best up-and-coming local artists.

What makes it so great? For, one thing, it’s creative. Keeping with the title, Constance carries through the feeling of watching a television show by adding little snippets of commercials at the end of some her songs. It also has an impressive sound. This passionate artist was blessed with an eloquent and soulful voice, so it’s great to hear her sing on songs that match her vocals. Most important are her skills as a songwriter. Constance’s lyrics are so vivid that at times it feels like the songs you’re listening to are actually stories or, going back to the title, episodes of a television show. So instead of listening, you’re really visualizing. She knows how to relate to her audiences with themes such as finding love, the reactions of a broken heart and intimacy.

Songs like “316,” “Honey Molasses,” “I’m Sorry” and “Bitter Girls” are examples of how Jacqueline’s visual pieces of musical art can keep a fan tuned in for more. While you’re patiently waiting for a new season of The Jacqueline Constance Show, you can binge “watch” the record below. Jacqueline Constance plays Philly twice next week: Relish on October 27th, and Crush Lounge on October 30th; more information on the shows here.

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