Lil Dicky | photo by Morgan Smith |

It’s a damn good day to be a white dude – this white dude in particular. David Burd, AKA Lil Dicky, performed for a packed venue and a warm homecoming at the TLA Thursday night. Laughter, thigh sweat and body hair flowed freely to “Lemme Freak” as the Cheltenham native stripped down to well-worn boxer briefs and gave a bewildered fan something that might be categorized as a type of lap dance, the sticky intensity of which she most definitely hadn’t anticipated.

Styled in a manner reminiscent of Childish Gambino, Lil Dicky occupies an unexpected niche in the hip-hop world with a deliberate relatability and absolutely no pretense to rap’s conventional trappings. An upper-middle-class Jewish suburbanite with a predilection for masturbation, Lil Dicky’s purview is as incongruent with the accepted concept of a rapper’s as you could imagine – which is all the more amazing once you realize how talented he is. Burd seems to have carved out this erstwhile inconceivable space with ease, interweaving a cathartic and self-deprecating sense of humor with an obvious gift for prosody.

Evinced by the show’s energy and the insanely eloquent freestyle he recently droppedLil Dicky isn’t just doing this for laughs. With that said, there were plenty of howls coming from the crowd-surfing mass that night, with Burd busting out characteristically white-boy moves to the ’95 classic “This Is How We Do It” between banter-heavy interludes that would make most parents blush (and you can be sure his did as they watched from the balcony). Lil Dicky wrapped it up with an encore performance of “Ex-Boyfriend“, saying his goodbyes after taking a moment to marvel at the wayward 48-H bra flung onstage by a thirsty fan. If you didn’t catch him this time around, be sure not to make the same mistake twice; it was much more fun than “Staying In.