Listen to "The Ballad of Freer Hollow" from Chris Forsyth
Chris Forsyth and the Solar Motel Band | photo by Constance Mensh

Chris Forsyth and the Solar Motel Band are currently out on the road in support of Intensity Ghost, an LP set for release tomorrow via No Quarter.  The record is the first from Forsyth and his all-star band, assembled a year ago to allow the live playing of 2013’s Solar Motel solo effort from the Philadelphia guitarist.  In addition to August’s “I Ain’t Waiting,” we now have “The Ballad of Freer Hollow” to prime us for the full-length.

From Forsyth:

To me, [it] is the catchiest song on the record, but it’s also eleven minutes long and has a four minute section in the middle where the bottom drops out, and it just becomes this feedback excursion. And the thing is, when we recorded that song, that was the first time we played it like that. The song was still a little bit unknown to the band when we did the take, and all of us were like, ‘Oh, that was the one’ when we finished, because it felt like something had happened. We knew we had certain things already, like the hook, the refrain, and the bridge, but the stuff in the middle really completes it. It’s much bigger that way. So it’s not just one idea or one feeling.

The Solar Motel Band will make a stop at Boot & Saddle on November 5th.  Tickets and information can be found here.  Listen to “The Ballad of Freer Hollow” below.

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