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In our review of DRGN King’s Baltimore Crush yesterday, we referenced the heavier nods to surf sounds on this record, which is definitely prevalent on the sure-to-be crowd pleaser “St. Tom’s.” Well, way back in February Dom Angelella did a Cover Club session at Nomad Recording Studio featuring a cover of The Dead Milkmen’s “Punk Rock Girl,” which you can read about here. What we didn’t highlight before was this super-stripped down version of “St. Tom’s,” the second track from the singer’s hometown-focused record.

Cover Club | Dominic Angelella of Drgn King “Saint Toms” from Bob Sweeney on Vimeo.

The song in its original form, with its revved up drum roll opening, some reverb and electronic distortions, has this ultra cool air that immediately invokes the “fantasy Baltimore” Angelella’s conjuring through the album. It’s almost a picture of a scene too cool to infiltrate with your own personality as is, but you can go check it out once or twice just to see how rad these mainstays are.

However, stripped to a more bare bones style, the song’s washed out vibes bring out the vulnerability in Angelella’s invitation to “oh, come and see what we have done.” It starts out with the same upbeat tone that’s present on the original, but starts to mellow out about a minute and a half into it as the first round of the chorus wraps. The lyrics come across more like a conversation between Angelella and the listener rather than becoming a contest comparing the most awesome scenes on the eastern seaboard.

You can read our full review of Baltimore Crush in yesterday’s installment, pick up a download of “Undertow” here, and check back tomorrow for an interview with Angelella. Listen to the original version of “St. Tom’s” below.


Unlocked: Download “Undertow” and get pulled into DRGN KING’s Baltimore Crush

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