Brielle drops emotional debut EP The Rough Break-Up
Brielle | photo by John Clark

Earlier this week, local artist Brielle released her debut EP The Rough Break-Up. The six track effort is nothing short of a journey into Brielle’s mind as the psychedelic beats and insightful lyrics paint pictures of her experiences with depression, love and being a single mother.

On stand-out track “On The Hush,” which features rapper Thelonius, the pair use their chemistry to tell the story of an initial attraction between two people and their inner thoughts about what the future of the relationship might be like.

The Rough Break-Up is an amazing EP that showcases Brielle’s artful talent for storytelling and her determination to share her music with fans while overcoming some serious sabotage. In a message on her Bandcamp, the singer writes:

After almost 3 years of trying to get this project out to the world I have FINALLY succeeded. I released this music Jan 2013 as “the cycles of lyfe” but it was stolen by a co-producer and had to be taken down. This time around a very similar situation happened, but instead my co-producer deleted my entire project and copy wrote all our instrumentals in his name. I really went through suck a dark depression these past two years, trying to resurface from the obstacles, determined to release this music because I knew I owed it to myself. Unfortunately, all I had left were my rough mixes. Although you will hear the imperfections in the music, you will also hear the emotion and pain that was in my heart after constantly pushing myself to overcome these hurdles.

I believe in this music, and although it’s not at it’s highest form I couldn’t be happier to share it with you. I hope this is an example to you all that nobody can take anything away from you that you aren’t willing to give up! Never stop fighting for what you’re passionate about, keep reaching for all that you can be!

Listen to “On the Hush” below and get the full record here.

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