The Burgeoning | photo courtesy of the band

Bensalem’s The Burgeoning have released a video for their track “Lighthouse.” It’s always great to see music videos with visuals that resemble the feeling of the song, and that is certainly the case with this new clip.

The video shows the band members living a carefree and adventurous life, mirroring the Hakuna Matata attitude and sound of the euphoric song.  They’re running around the beach, rocking out to music next to bonfires, pulling pranks, and partying with friends all night long.  Bookended by a scene of one band mate waking up on a deserted beach, the video feels like it might all just be an enviable dream.  But with a song as endorphin-inducing as “Lighthouse,” there’s no reason not to seize the day and turn this dream / video into reality.  Check it out below