Charly Bliss | Photo courtesy of the artist.

Charly Bliss are a four piece indie rock band from New York City that came out on the other side of playing the CMJ Music conference several weeks ago with some pretty high grades.

J. Edward Keyes, the Editor-In-Chief of Wondering Sound had this to say about the band’s CMJ performance in New York City:

Charly Bliss are Pixie Stix emptied into a Jolt can — a pulse-racing combination of sugar and adrenaline. Their set at the Knitting Factory was rapture from start to finish: Vocalist Eva Hendricks leapt and bounded across the stage, part pugilist, part double-dutch champion. Her endless enthusiasm and infectious stage presence is the group’s greatest asset. Which is to take nothing away from their songs, which are irresistible in their own right. Big, fluorescent blasts of power and melody, they exude a sense of joy and abandon and display an almost supernatural knack for pop hooks. They are, simply put, a success story waiting to happen.

While we’ve yet to see the band perform live, there’s no argument here on the music. The band’s recent EP, Soft Serve is a three song buzz of delight. Download the EP here or stream “Love Me” below.