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Steve Aoki | Photo by Morgan Smith |

Sweat and icing was the winning combination Thursday night as EDM powerhouse Steve Aoki took to the stage at The Electric Factory. The Grammy-nominated party-incarnate who’s infamous for throwing cakes into the faces of his adoring fans, made his mark on Thursday and truly knows how to set things off. Whether he was “caking” concert goers or sending them crowd surfing on inflatable rafts, he brought the energy from beginning to end.

Before Aoki’s performance, Lil Jon graced the Electric Factory stage with his presence and performed everyone’s all time favorite high school dance song “Get Low.” Although most of the audience was probably five years old when the song was released in 2002, they could still recite the timeless lyrics “Aw skeet skeet, motha f**ka/Aww skeet skeet, god damn!” And of course no Lil John show would be complete without “Turn Down for What,” his most recent hit, which closed out his set and readied the crowd for the man of the hour, Steve Aoki.

Once Aoki hit the stage, the energy hit the roof. He performed many of his biggest hits, including his remix of Kid Cudi’s “Pursuit of Happiness” which resulted in a memorable moment as Aoki dropped the vocal track and allowed the voice of the crowd to fill the venue as they sang along. A sign of what was to come, a table sat behind the stage holding at least ten cakes baked with love for the fans who were begging to have their faces and bodies covered in Aoki’s sweet baked goods. Somehow, in between the numerous cakings, Aoki found time to bring Lil Jon back on stage to perform their hit “Turbulence” and send several audience members on a wild ride atop the crowd on inflatable rafts.

Even after the high energy performance, Aoki took time to take selfies from the stage with everyone’s cell phones which resulted in audience members unwisely pegging their iPhones at him. As the selfie session came to a close and the crowd began to saunter away, sweaty, satisfied and caked with icing, I knew Aoki had done what he came to Philly to do. Job well done.

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