Hiss Golden Messenger | Photo by Rich McKie

After his World Cafe session aired on XPN in October, Hiss Golden Messenger‘s MC Taylor hinted that something else related to those recordings was in the pipeline.  Now the North Carolina-based musician has announced a new vinyl EP called Southern Grammar to follow up this year’s Lateness of Dancers full-length, an effort that will feature the World Cafe performance of the title track.

Taylor spoke about the EP with his label, saying:

Finally, this version of “Southern Grammar” shows off the HGM road band, which includes Scott Hirsch, Phil Cook, Matt McCaughan, Matt Douglas, and Alexandra Sauser-Monnig, who are all friends and inspirations. The fine, fine crew at WXPN in Philadelphia engineered the recording of this song and graciously agreed to let us use it for this record.

Watch a video of the band recording “Southern Grammar” in the XPN studios below and listen back to Hiss Golden Messenger’s World Cafe session here.