Chelsea Mitchell of Dirty Dolllhouse | photo by Wendy McCardle |

The ladies of local folk trio Dirty Dollhouse have unveiled a video for the title track of their forthcoming debut EP 25 Shades.  The record will be released next Tuesday, December 2nd.

The video, which was directed by Caitlin McCann and features lead vocalist Chelsea Mitchell along with Vanessa Winters and Amber Twait, follows three young women as they struggle with unhelpful and disrespectful partners.

Mitchell said of the clip:

I wanted to illustrate the tale of a woman being mistreated and under-appreciated by her deadbeat man, but ultimately stands up for herself and leaves him. I was thrilled to work with Caitlin McCann on the video, as she has been working with so many great Philly bands (The Lawsuits, The Districts) as of late. She did not disappoint!

Dirty Dollhouse recorded a version of “25 Shades” for their recent Key Studio Session, pairing acoustic guitar with pedal steel and light harmonies for an intimate take.  This studio version, though, takes on a new look with playful piano accents and bolder percussion.

I initially believed a stripped-down version [of the song] similar to the one we recorded during our Key Session would be the final product – but that was before I sat down with Brian Dale Allen Strouse (The Lawsuits) to record it. Brian brings such a fresh and unique dynamic to the recording process. I’ve been a fan of his writing style for years, so having him produce these songs was a real treat. I would be remiss if I did not give credit to Josh Friedman (also of the Lawsuits), who was an invaluable part of the process as he mixed and mastered everything to perfection.

Watch the premiere of “25 Shades” below and help Dirty Dollhouse celebrate the release of 25 Shades at Bourbon & Branch on December 5th. Support will be from New Sweden and Brian Dale Allen Strouse, with The Lawsuits stepping in as backing band for the Dollhouse trio.  Tickets and information can be found here.

Dirty Dollhouse – 25 Shades (official music video) from Dog Days Films on Vimeo.