Lushlife | Photo by Phil Bradshaw

The first time I ever saw Lushlife live, main man Raj Haldar apologized for “all the nerdy shit I’ve got going on up here,” gesturing to his array of samplers and synths. Dude can spit a fierce verse, but he’s also a rapper who can deeply geek out from a production standpoint, which is why it makes complete sense to see him perform surrounded by snazzy synths and compressors for the Moog Sound Lab series.

The song in choice is the short and sweet “Meridian Sound (Part Two)” from his 2009 mixtape Cassette City, and the tech specs are below, via Sound Lab.

To create an intimate atmosphere, Raj performed with no backing track, using only the Animoog synthesizer application (controlled by a Minimoog Voyager) and a Moog MF-104M Analog Delay to create a sonic wash under his vocals.

While it’s not clear whether or not Lush chose to revisit this selection because we might hear it on his in-progress next LP, it sounds sweet all the same. Check out a video of the performance below.