ill Delta | photo via Facebook

Ill Delta the record sits at a crossroads of jazz, experimental electronic and video game music.  Ill Delta the band is a local trio of musicians who are clearly on the same wavelength when it comes to playing together.  We saw their chemistry in a Brighton Sound Session they recorded over a year ago (revisit that video here), and that tightness carries over into the EP they released last month.

The ill Delta EP is a creative and fun take on fusion jazz compositions. On “Bubba’s Paradise” in particular, there are synth tones that sound just like the bubbling sound effects found in Super Mario.  In fact, the entire EP trajectory feels like a journey through a magical video game story, each track representing a new level or stage.  In this sense ill Delta is reminiscent of Alvin Band‘s Rainbow Road experiment, but in a sonic sense the band takes a much more Medeski Martin & Wood approach (though “Muzzle Loader” gets pretty trippy midway through).

Listen to the EP below and catch ill Delta live at Silk City on January 7th.