Watch Mo Lowda and The Humble's trippy music video for "The Way Home"

The definition of a “dead language” is a linguistic system that has ceased to change; spoken language relies on a shifting structure in which meaning and semantics change based on the contemporary usages of words and phrases. It can be said that music itself is a type of language that communicates emotions and feelings, and if there was a band to prove that Alternative Rock is anything but a dead language, it would be Mo Lowda and The Humble.

The group consists of three artists: Jordan Caiola on vocals and guitar, Shane Woods on drums, and Nate Matulis on Bass. The members formed the group in Bucks County before moving to Temple University and bringing their sound to metropolitan Philadelphia. They signed with Temple’s Bell Tower Records in 2013 and released their debut album entitled Curse the Weather, which was named “Album of the Year” by Amped Sounds Magazine, with the magazine’s comment that “…Curse the Weather is an album that suits almost any occasion, hence the reason for such a high honor. We’ve followed them since 2012 and they’ve continued to put out great genre-transcending music.”

The group was also named by Huffington Post in an article listing “11 Artists You Need to Know” alongside artists like QuEST, Logic, and Vancouver Sleep Clinic, where Huff Post compares the group of Kings of Leon, but saying that “Mo Lowda’s instrumentals draw from a different and greater variety of influences in sound and, in our opinion, contain more constructive song structure.”

Considering the accolades the band has acquired from such reputable reviewers, there has to be something to the hype. Amped Sounds pinned the major reason in their comment: the band transcends genre. They define themselves as an alternative rock group, which already provides a massive umbrella encompassing a huge spectrum of styles that compose alternative. However, rather than focus on a single style within alternative, such as focusing on an aggressive soul-vocal and classic fill guitar groove like Kings of Leon, Mo Lowda and The Humble incorporate stylistic influences from all over the alternative field, and even from outside the conventional alternative subgenre. Their sound foils forceful vocals against melodic and flowing instrumentals, creating a contrast that blends against expectations and emphasizes the strengths of each approach.

This convention-bending sound is not lost in their track “The Way Home,” and the newly-released music video provides a trippy but fitting visual representation that seems to suit the music perfectly. The video takes a rather minimal approach, imposing archive imagery on the band’s silhouettes over a muted background, and adding an old school film-style video quality that completes the somewhat nostalgic-of-the-nineties vibe.

The video can be viewed below, and you can hear more from Mo Lowda and The Humble on their BandCamp, where you can stream the entirety of Curse The Weather as well as their EP’s, The Water’s Gonna Save Me and This is Planet Earth, and five live recordings in Live: In Theory, including a live performance of The Way Home. You can also catch Mo Lowda and The Humble on New Year’s Eve at Ortlieb’s.

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