Reek Da Rookie lays out his dreams on the new single "Rich"
ReeK Da Rookie | Photo by John Vettese

Philly’s Reek Da Rookie is ready to be another leader in his city’s underground hip hop scene with the new single, “Rich.” Thanks to producer Nick Dean, the beat does a good job not overshadowing Reek’s lyrics, but still maintains enough presence to keep a listener hooked. With lines like “Trying to turn my EBT to BET” (from collaborating MC Naj Murph), the song does a fantastic job of using his clever wordplay to paint a picture of a man’s dream to escape poverty.

The wordsmith not only shows a illustration of dreams of getting rich, but like many rappers before him, he shares the reasons why many people who come from cities that are infested with so much destitution aspire to be wealthy – in a way, it’s a message for hip-hop fans who come from the middle and upper classes. “Rich” isn’t just a good song to jam to, but it shows the great economic separation of this country, but does so with an eye on bridging those worlds. Below you can check out “Rich”; make sure you listen for the guitar solo from Andrew Meoray of Astronauts Really Fly.

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