The Juliana Hatfield Three

Wow. It’s hard to believe that it’s been 21 years since the Juliana Hatfield Three released their 1993 debut album Become What You Are. After Hatfield’s first band, Blake Babies split, she released a solo album in 1992, and in 1993 – along with Todd Phillips and Dean Fisher – formed the trio.

Their one and only album spawned the hit song “My Sister,” and songs from it like “Supermodel,” “Spin The Bottle,” and “This Is The Sound,” became modern rock favorites. Jangly, super melodic and sounding as good as ever, The Julian Hatfield Three just released their first new song, “If I Could,” from the forthcoming album, Whatever, My Love. With it comes a tour, and a stop at Boot & Saddle on Tuesday, March 3rd.

Here’s what Hatfield has to say about getting the band back together from their PledgeMusic page:

We’re getting the band back together! 21 years ago–in 1993–we released “Become What You Are” (featuring “My Sister”). It was our one and only album as the Juliana Hatfield Three and now we are reforming to make a new full-length album. We (Dean FIsher, Todd Philips, and I, Juliana) will be documenting our progress in the studio and we will be checking in with you to show you what’s happening. Reuniting! Chemistry!

Todd, Dean, and I have just begun recording with the lovely and talented Tom Beaujour (who worked with me and Matthew [Caws] on the Minor Alps album) at the Nuthouse in Hoboken, New Jersey, and so far it is going great. Some of you may have previously heard some version of some of the songs we are working on. For example, one of the songs we are exploring is “If I Could”. We have always loved this song but there have only ever been demos of it; it has never been properly finished or produced. There are multiple attempted versions of it but the nut has never been quite cracked, and this has always sort of haunted me. Now I feel like I finally have the chance to get it right with Todd and Dean.

Below, listen to “If I Could.”