Choose your own emotion with Vivre Sa Vie's new single "How Couldn't I?"
Vivre Sa Vie | via

You’ll feel two different things when listening to Vivre Sa Vie‘s new single “How Couldn’t I?” On one side, the Philly modern rock four-piece conveys the emotion of a broken heart when delivering lyrics like “I hate it when we wake up / Together when we brake up / It seems just like a fantasy / Because you really mean that much to me.”But on the other side, when you listen to the instrumental part of the song, the melody and rhythm, it gives you sort of sense of positive enjoyment.

It’s as if the four musicians – Samuel J Roland, Samuel D Boles, Andrew V Miglore and Jake Q Holden – are forcing their listeners to choose whether they want to relate to the happy or sad elements when they listen – or whether they want to feel both simultaneously. The band plays a couple shows locally in the next month – January 2nd at Golden Tea House and January 17th at PhilaMOCA – and has some out of town dates with their drummer Andrew Meoray’s (formerly of Astronauts Really Fly) electronic pop solo project (he recently released a sexed-up and sort of NSFW video for the single “Down”).

Vivre Sa Vie also goes on a short tour with Legs Like Tree Trunks, so there are many opportunities to see them this winter. Meanwhile, check out “How Couldn’t I?” below and choose your emotional path.

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