Manwomanchild | photo courtesy of the artist
Today we’re premiering a new song called “The Telepath Returns” from Philadelphia-based musician David Child, aka Manwomanchild. The song follows October’s art pop effort “Recent History,” and both tracks will be included on a forthcoming full-length expected to be released in the next few months.
As Child pointed out over email, “The Telepath Returns” draws on a more psychedelic influence than his other recordings. He cites early Pink Floyd, Os Mutantes and the Pretty Things as points of reference for the song’s chord structure and its bright, colorful melody. “Telepath” still has an art-pop vibe like “Recent History,” but both the lyrics and production style seem to skew away from reality into a more fantastic kind of world. From Child:
Lyrically, the song went through a couple of transformations, so it’s very different from where it started. It was initially about a group of mountaineers who climb Mt. Everest only to be arrested when they get to the top, but this first-person voice crept in and kind of shifted the song toward its current shape, equal parts gleeful and menacing.

Listen to the premiere of “The Telepath Returns” below and revisit “Recent History” here.