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There’s isn’t much variety when it comes to mainstream hip-hop. Nothing against the big artists out there right now, but it seems as if everybody is going out of their way to make sure that they all sound the same. Which is why, at times, it’s best to take a trip to the underground hip hop scene and experience something different.

A perfect artist to checkout now is Harrisburg MC Thelonius. A couple weeks ago, the talented hip hop artist dropped his brand new EP The Cafe’ Noir to prepare his fans for his upcoming album Childhood Alumni. There are so many interesting things that stick out when listening to The Cafe’ Noir, not the least of which is Thelonius’ skills as an MC.

Take for instance the opening song, “Journey/Getting There” featuring Niki Randa. You can hear how smooth Thelonius raps over the beat, as if he’s doing a little two step while he’s recording in the booth. Also with lines like “Who set the bar? I jumped up and I lift it higher/ You burn paper? I am California wildfire,” you can see that his skills as a lyricist are quite remarkable.

Another interesting thing about the EP is its sound. Thelonius brings something to different to hip-hop by combining alternative rhymes with a trip-hop sound. It’s funky, groovy, and most importantly something unique.

The final thing that is captivating about this EP is how it’s set up. Throughout the whole project, Thelonius tends to give his listener one or two verses every song, as if he’s telling his fans this all he’s giving them until his next album drops. If hip-hop was food then Chef Thelonius does a good job of presenting his customers with an appetizer like The Cafe’ Noir. Something new captures and pleases the hip hop tastes buds and gets them prepared for the main dish, Childhood Alumni.

Below you can checkout Thelonius’ “The Invitation/Six Seven Times” featuring Flunk and experience the new sounds that the Harrisburg MC brings to the table.

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