Riff Raff | photo by Morgan Smith | www.phobymo.com/

It’s a weekday night and the Troc is full of disinterested hipsters, 16-year-olds in phosphorescent rave wear and a few older men who, judging by their appearance, are most definitely in on the joke. I wasn’t sure what to expect from Riff Raff, considering the last time I saw him perform was at Mad Decent Block Party two summers ago where he was booed off stage for lip syncing, but I was hoping he had matured as a performer since then.

His opener was Chanel West Coast (the bubbly blonde space-cadet from Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory / Ridiculousness), who’s apparently pursuing a career in rap. West Coast’s typically light persona was decidedly absent and in it’s a place was a conveniently ethnic vernacular along with an apparent license for liberal use of “nigga.” Whether she’s sincere in her rap aspirations or not she seemed to have a fun time on stage and, if that’s how you judge a performance, then it was a damn good time. Energetic and unapologetic, West Coast even threatened to slap a group of concertgoers who opted to boo her.

As soon as Riff Raff walked onto the stage, I was immediately aware of one big change the Los Angeles rapper has made – that he’s gained 55 pounds since I’d seen him last. The beefier rapper gave an energetic performance littered with large gulps out of raised glasses of Monster and Ciroc to the health of his corporate benefactors. A visibly “enthused” Chanel West Coast was occasionally seen tottering around the stage as well.

Four minutes into his set, Riff Raff hand-picked three girls from the crowd to dance and for the dubious honor of waving huge cutouts of himself, his husky, Miley Cyrus and other cheeky photos. Though most of their stamina had drained about 20 minutes into their duties, His Raffness was unfazed and promptly found a replacement, ushering a girl who had flashed him directly backstage. He performed many songs from his newest album Neon Icon, saving his two biggest hits “Dolce & Gabbana” and “Tip Toe Wing in my Jawwdinz “ for last.

If you’re hoping to see Riff Raff, the self proclaimed “rap game James Franco,” in concert, you better hop on this tour because he’s already started prepping for his next plan: wrestling for the WWE.