A Sunny Day in Glasgow | via asunnydayinglasgow.bandcamp.com

Experimental pop outfit A Sunny Day in Glasgow spreads its members across three different cities in two hemispheres (including Philly). Last year they released their critically acclaimed Sea When Absent, and just followed it up with a new EP called No Death. Opening with a racing synthesizer sound, the EP transforms into fuzz pop mixed with a touch of ambient. “I’ll Be Signal (Sad Sounds)” showcases some Passion Pit parallels with infectious harmonies and power-packed synth tones. Three other tracks on the EP are remixes by Fang Island, Ice Choir and The Buddy System. A Sunny Day in Glasgow last played Pihlly on New Year’s Eve at Boot & Saddle with S.T.A.R.W.O.O.D., and Jason Bartell from Fang Island; listen to the new EP from the band below.