Heyward Howkins releases new songs "Forecasting" and "Midway"
Heyward Howkins | photo by Kate Harrold | kateharrold.com

Heyward Howkins has released a double A-side single featuring new songs “Forecasting” and “Midway,” his first studio offering since December 2013’s Be Frank, Furness LP. Weaving together aspects of different genres and styles, the songs have a timeless and classic feel with moments of jazz, indie rock and pop.

“Forecasting” opens with Howkins’s soulful vocals accompanied by a downtempo, soft-hitting drum beat. His lyrics have always been the centerpiece of his songs and this one is no exception, beginning with “Complaints can come from a privileged place / Because your big house can make me feel small in a way.” His wit is on-point and specific (mentioning “ten long weeks in the Mother-in-Law suite”) but with a universality that will make you nod along in mutual understanding.

Howkins’ minimal approach si elevated with well-placed vocal echoes and an instrumental passage accented with subtle horns. “Midway” is a bit rockier, with the keyboard, bass an synth taking center stage. Listen to the two songs below and stay tuned for a 7″ vinyl release.

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