Kat Edmonson | Photo by Rocco Peditto | roccopeditto.com

Today’s Free At Noon featured the Texas-bred, Brooklyn-based crooner Kat Edmonson. After strolling on stage with band in tow, Edmonson quickly launched into her big track “Rainy Day Woman,” filling it with the flourishing vocals that have brought her the attention she’s received over the past couple of years. With all the precision of big jazz singers from Billie Holiday to Nora Jones, Edmonson was able to whip out swooping vocals that snapped the attention right to her.

The performance was tight, with tinkering vibraphone, piano and melodica solos from Laura Scarborough and soaring guitar lines from Steve Elliot. Edmonson gave a shout out to WXPN, happy that she finally made her way to the downstairs of World Cafe Live after performing upstairs in the past. Her and her gang will be performing tonight at the Whitaker Center in Harrisburg, PA as well as a show on Sunday at the Baby Grand Opera House in Philadelphia. For more information, head over to our XPN Concert Calendar.

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Rainy Day Woman
You Said Enough
Oh My Love
All the Way
The Best