Listen to Ganou's angelic rendition of "Blank Space" by Taylor Swift
Photo by Ben Hesler | via

Philly’s Ganou definitely decided to cover the right artist. Taylor Swift is one of the most prominent faces in American music and her transformation from a modest country singer to lustrous pop star is compelling; her songs, though, aren’t the easiest to cover unless the artist doing it puts a unique spin on them.

That’s exactly what Ganou does with “Blank Space.” Stepping back from the very poppy production that’s became a mainstay in Swift’s sound, she presents a more spaced out and vocal-driven version executed with ease and confidence.  The smooth and melodic nature of the song seems to be Ganou’s bread and butter – you can hear it in all over her recordings: her singles, as well her 10-track Catharsis EP and her Key Studio Session from last year.

Give a listen to Ganou’s “Blank Space” cover below, and keep an eye on her Facebook page for more information about new music and shows.

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