Watch the video for Oldermost's "Electric Light Eyes" off of their upcoming EP
Oldermost | Photo by Matthew Shaver |

Philly five-piece Oldermost are set to release their upcoming album, It’s Difficult to Know Anything At All, next week on March 24, and we just got another taste of the variety this upcoming EP seems to hold. The Americana/rock-infused group released a video for the track “A Drink (Or Two)” back in February, in which frontman Bradford Bucknum gallivants through the streets of Philly with a TV in a stroller.

Their latest release, “Electric Light Eyes,” is a laid-back track infused with inquisitive lyricism that the band promised to bring with this new EP. They admitted on their blog that this track holds one of Bucknum’s favorite lines (one they say “could serve as a subtitle to the album,”) in which Bucknum croons, “Just to know how much there still is to know.”

Diverging from the comedic feel of the video for “A Drink (Or Two),” the visuals for “Electric Light Eyes” are all taken from early, surrealist and dadaist films (like scenes from the French science fiction film Le Voyage dans la Lun, frequently referenced as the first film to firmly follow a narrative structure). Which is juxtaposed by the fact that Oldermost admits,

We think these films cobbled together sloppily and without overthinking, present rich associational territory that perform the unending possibilities of unknowing.

Which make the visuals all the more fitting for the track: one that feels nostalgic while simultaneously holding lyrics that question the future. Watch the video below.

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