Superheaven in the studio | Photo by Danielle Parsons |

“I’ve Been Bored” is the first single off Doylestown fuzz-punk band Superheaven‘s forthcoming sophomore album, Ours Is Chrome. With the new track comes a music video in which the Superheaven dudes find extra-terrestrial life stuck in the Philly suburbs. A wintry off-road bike ride takes singer / guitarist Taylor Madison to discover an alien; with the help of his bandmates, Madison puts on a “Welcome To Earth!” concert for the silver space suit creature. It’s not the most serious video, but the song sets a dramatic tone with grungy bass chords and thrashing distortion as Madison sings “symmetry in everything, but one side is always fake.” Check out the video below and be sure to watch out for Ours Is Chrome, which is due out May 4 via SideOneDummy Records.