Ben Smith | via

West Chester singer-songwriter Ben Smith has intrigued us with his latest Das Defino: a song suite.

Who was/is Das Defino? Smith asks that question on his Bandcamp page, saying he’s not even prepared to answer. The most solidified response he can give reads,

The Das Defino I know is a phantom–made up of details from a transcription of a copied, junked, apparently rain-soaked, discarded notebook somewhere near Charlottesville, Virginia.

Read the full description for yourself, and the three songs Smith has compiled speak volumes on just how grand he wished to make this chamber pop project. Members of Philadelphia’s Dark Horse Orchestra play string quartet arrangements, not to mention musicians Matt Magarahan on drums and Tim Celfo on bass. Oh, and Smith himself conquers vocals, piano and guitar.

At the end of the opening track, Smith asks, “Das Defino/Where are you now?”

We’re still not sure, but listen for yourself below.