Dawes | photo by Dan Martensen

XPN Fest band Dawes will release their next record All Your Favorite Bands this June, following up 2013’s Stories Don’t End. NPR Music’s First Watch has premiered the LP’s first single “Things Happen” along with a video that is both fun and meaningful.

A forlorn Sergeant Pepper heads out to the streets of Los Angeles to play his guitar as tourists walk by. He is joined by a cast of eclectic characters and street performers that chase him from spot to spot before taking the bus back home where he is greeted with a surprise.

From singer-songwriter Taylor Goldsmith via NPR:

“Change, hardship and general bullshit is an inevitability,” Goldsmith tells us via email. “But by shifting the ways in which we acknowledge these realities, [we] can hopefully deprive them of at least some of their power over us.

“I think by making the video about street performers, which is a pastime that’s at once fascinating and mysterious but also can be perceived as unglamorous or dismal, it really helps to illustrate the shifting sentiments of the song. How one guy can seem truly miserable in dealing with his current lot in life while others can take that same situation and figure out a way to find joy and acceptance in it?”

Watch “Things Happen” below and read more over at NPR Music’s First Watch. Dawes are playing WXPN’s XPoNential Music Festival on Friday, July 24th. Tickets for the the festival are on sale now via the festival website.