The Weaks | via | Photo by Jessica Flynn |

When I interviewed Eric Osman from Lame-O Records back in February about the Strength In Weakness split, he told me that The Weaks would be putting out “the greatest rock record of all time” this year. Although the album, Bad Year, comes out tomorrow officially, you can listen to it now on Lame-O Records Youtube channel – and while I won’t weigh in on the “all time” stuff, yeah, it’s pretty awesome.

The indie pop group brings in tracks like “Still Courting” that open with grungy guitar riffs balanced by simple drum patterns. Their added synthesizer parts turn this track from a gritty rock piece to a fun, head-bobbing pop track. “Welcome To Earth” is a distinct song off the 11-track album with bright synth sounds mixed with sunny acoustic chords. This track, and the album overall, aren’t short on catchy choruses accented by a loud, drum beat that leaves ringing in your ears. The closing track shoots a nod towards Frances Quinlan of Hop Along as well as Nirvana’s last album, In Utero; “Frances Quinlan Will Have Her Revenge On Philadelphia” features raw vocals and heavy pedal usage for a powerful ending.

You can listen to Bad Year below the label’s Youtube channel and catch The Weaks at PhilaMOCA on April 27; more information on that show can be found at the XPN Concert Calendar.