James Snyder of Beach Slang | via NPR Music

Singer-guitarist James Snyder of Beach Slang performed at the NPR Tiny Desk last month.  Flying solo from his punk trio in this performance, Snyder’s uncanny reinterpretations make these sound like new solo songs rather than band tracks.

In the video, we get acoustic versions of songs like “Dirty Cigarettes” and “Too Late To Die Young,” along with rambling and somewhat nervous antics by Snyder that personalize the performance and show off his unique style. Charming in the way that each song is presented, the giggling Snyder seems like a giddy child, just happy to be performing the music he loves.

Snyder and the rest of Beach Slang are currently in the middle of of making their next album, but that didn’t stop him from giving a sneak peak at it.  “Too Late To Die Young” is an unreleased track debuted for Tiny Desk, and Snyder says it could make it’s way onto the album if the label likes it.  Fingers crossed.  Check out the performance below.