Here's your instore guide to Philly Record Store Day 2015
Ben Arnold plays an in-store at Main Street Music | photo via Main Street Music’s Facebook page

If you ask the most purist of vinyl record collectors, Record Store Day is a farce. If you ask those that aren’t jaded yet by the obscenely long list of RSD-exclusives and reissues each year, it’s pretty exciting. Regardless of whether you’re with side A or side B, there’s sure to be an event this April 18 that will be the needle that fits your groove.

There are some constants to most stores’ RSD parties this year. Most area stores are opening early, will have RSD-exclusive releases in stock (how many of which releases may vary at each location) and free beer on hand. But the best reason to get out to your local record shop is the live music. Here are the shows happening across the greater Philadelphia area this year.

A.K.A. Music: Opening at 10 a.m.; employees DJing throughout the day.

Creep Records: Opening at 8 a.m.; Mikey Erg, Vahe Sarkissian and DJ Aaron Ruxbin starting at 9 a.m., while Cayetana DJs; live art from Get Up. More info here.

Long in the Tooth: Opening at 9 a.m.; The Rentiers (members of Plow United) playing at 7 p.m.

Main Street Music: Opening at 9 a.m.; Adam Weiner (member of Low Cut Connie), Cliff Hillis, Anthony D’Amato, Shark Tape, Twin Peaks starting at 1:30 p.m.

Philadelphia Record Exchange: Sean on the Drums (Sean McGuinness of Pissed Jeans), AyeAye (members of Bardo Pond) at 8 p.m.

Repo Records: Opening at 9:30 a.m.; Girlpool, Sad Actor, Cheerbleeders (acoustic), Easy Creatures, The Tough Shits and Witchfist starting at noon. More info here.

Siren: Opening at 10 a.m.; Mike Lorenz Trio and more.

Sit & Spin: Underground Arts concert ticket giveaways. More info here.

Note: Music start times and lineups may be subject to change due to some events not being fully booked at the time of this story’s deadline.

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