The Ting Tings | Photo by Morgan Smith |

Rocking a wild pony tail and a t-shirt that read “Good Vibes”, The Ting Tings‘ frontwoman Katie White really brought serious energy (and, as advertised, good vibes) to Union Transfer on Friday night. The British duo commanded the crowd with disco tinged tunes and electro-pop anthems, making sure to perform songs from all three of their albums in their short but sweet 65-minute set.

Opening the night with their most recent single “Do It Again,” The Ting Tings warmed up their adoring fans for an hour of non-stop dancing. White could be seen throughout the show strutting across the stage with her guitar, playing the keys or banging on the signature Ting Tings’ bass drum while the duo’s other half, Jules De Martino, switched between drums, keyboard and guitar. Although they performed a mix a songs from all three albums, “Shut Up and Let Me Go” and “That’s Not My Name,” two of their biggest hits from their debut album We Started Nothing, really got the crowd’s energy pumping. From start to finish, you couldn’t see one person in the crowd not dancing or singing along.

Instead of wasting their precious time on stage by “leaving” and waiting for the crowd to demand an encore, White stated that she and De Martino just kept the music coming, telling the crowd she wanted to play as many songs as possible. Closing out the night with the title track of their most recent album, Super Critical, The Ting Ting’s left the fans feeling danced out and super satisfied.

Do It Again
Shut Up and Let Me Go
Hang It Up
Great DJ
Give It Back
Fruit Machine
Only Love
That’s Not My Name
Wrong Club
Green Poison
Super Critical