Son Little | Photo by Rocco Peditto |

If you’re a fan of music with a message, check out the latest from Son Little; he continues to amaze with his ability to tell socially conscious stories.

“How can I love the world but hate how it makes me feel,” he belts on his new single “O Mother,” making a powerful statement in a song dedicated to the tragedies of Ferguson, Eric Garner, and other events that sent the Black Lives Matter movement into motion.

In the new video for the song, Son Little parallels the beauty and aggression of the world with images of wolves, raising questions about humanity and the justice system in the process. Bone-shattering in its power and underlining message, the sort of conversational piece between a son and his mother feed into the human emotion and allow Little to reach a deeper connection with his audience.

Son Little is scheduled to play at World Cafe’s NonComm this spring and the XPoNential Music Festival this summer so be on the lookout and check out the video for “O Mother” below.