Vital Stats | photo via

It’s looking to be a gorgeous Memorial Day weekend, and what better way to kick it off than with some catchy music?

This single is brought to you by Philly indie/trash-soul band Vital Stats. The band has seven, yes, SEVEN members, so there’s sure to be something in there for everyone to enjoy. Their claim to fame is their unique mix of “soul shakin’, earth quakin’, baby makin’ electrified Funk, Soul and Rock music!”

“Kia” is the type of song to blast out in your car, windows rolled down, on a sunny day like today. Led by Jacques St. Claire’s soaring, wistful vocals, this single is chock-full of call-and-response singing, anthemic choruses, and power-popping percussion.

Once you’re done cruising for the day, catch Vital Stats at the May Mayhem festival at PhilaMOCA tonight! Here’s a preview of what you’ll see tonight to get you in the groove: